Combination Skin Lotion

Refresh and brighten! Alcohol-free Combination Skin Lotion helps you face the day with balanced, radiant skin. Combining Aloe for its hydrating benefits with Lactic Acid for its oil-control capability, this lotion prepares the skin for further treatment.


  • Plant extract lotion
  • No alcohol
  • Achieves a perfect cleansing
  • Controls “T” Zone oiliness
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Prepares the skin for further treatment


Usage   Key Ingredients
Use morning and evening after cleansing. Wipe your face and neck with a cotton pad moist with Combination Skin Lotion or use anytime for a refreshing boost of hydration.  
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Witch Hazel
  • Aloe
  • Lactic Acid

In Spa Treatment


If your combination skin is prone to sporadic acne or frequent breakouts, it requires special care and attention to restore its health and attractiveness. Peel-O-Zym™ unites a natural enzyme and oat to deliver a deep exfoliation that unclogs pores and retards bacterial growth while preventing infection.




"I have been using this lotion for years. It is the best for my sensitive skin."

"It feels great on your face, whether it is morning or night! It's soothing aloe properties refreshes my skin and helps with dryness and wrinkles."

"I love this product! I had some breakouts on my neck -- likely from hormones and stress and NOTHING was clearing them up. I use this on a cotton pad along my neck and jaw line every morning and evening and it really cleared up my acne. Love it!"

"I love this product. On a recent vacation in Las Vegas, I first experienced the Pevonia collection, came home and online I went. I use this product after cleansing my face. It goes on with a cotton pad and my entire face and neck feels and smells wonderful."

"Great to apply anytime to keep your skin cool and fresh. Helps to clean and remove impurities and left over makeup."

"It feels so great and refreshing on my face! I also love that it has witch hazel, which is great for gently keeping skin clear. My favorite lotion I have used."

"I have nothing but great things to say about this product. When I reached my late 20's - early 30's I was having problems with my complexion and searching for a new product line. A friend mentioned Pevonia Botanica to me and I thought it was worth a shot. I am so glad to have given it a try. The combination skin lotion is a great moisturizer without being to heavy. I use it every morning and night."

"It's a face lotion that is a liquid. It's easy to use. I just spray it on a cotton pad a couple of times, then apply it to my face right after washing and drying my face. The scent is light so it doesn't get in the way of colognes or scented lotions. I have sensitive skin and so far it hasn't made my face itchy or break out. I've been using this product for about a year."

"This is a wonderful product that I highly recommend to all of my friends. I use it every day as my face cleanser."

"This is the best, smoothest Combination Skin Lotion that I have ever used. I am addicted to it!"

"I love this product!! It tingles when it is applied and it feels so refreshing! My skin really feels rejuvenated and clean after each application of the Combination Lotion."

"This has been part of my skin routine for over 15 years. I really love Pevonia products and get a lot of compliments on my skin. I use this twice daily, after cleansing and before moisturizer. Instantly refreshes and balances the PH of my skin. Esthetician told me that after you cleanse and tone, your skin should feel completely balanced not dry or tight. She encouraged me "never skip toning"! This skin lotion (toner) does this perfectly, so well in fact that I sometimes forget to moisturize."

"Best toner ever! I've been using this product for more than 10 yrs, I try different ones every now and then but I keep on coming back to Pevonia!"