Combination Skin Cleanser

Rinse away T-zone oiliness! Refreshing and balancing, Combination Skin Cleanser thoroughly washes away impurities and cleanses your oily T-zone. Hydrosoluble, creamy, and light-textured, it easily rinses away without residue. Harmoniously combining Rosemary and Grapefruit essential oil, it promotes an enjoyable cleansing ritual.


  • Light textured, water soluble cleanser
  • Rinses without leaving any residue
  • Controls “T” zone oiliness
  • Helps brighten the skin


Usage   Key Ingredients
Use morning and evening to cleanse the skin. Apply a small quantity all over the face and neck and work with your fingertips. Remove with a washcloth, sponge, or a Pevonia shammy wet with warm water. Follow with Combination Skin Lotion.  
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • Safflower Oil
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon
  • Horsetail

In Spa Treatment


If your combination skin is prone to sporadic acne or frequent breakouts, it requires special care and attention to restore its health and attractiveness. Peel-O-Zym™ unites a natural enzyme and oat to deliver a deep exfoliation that unclogs pores and retards bacterial growth while preventing infection.




"If you have sensitive skin that is dry - this is the product for you. It moisturizes, but does not irritate the skin. The best cleanser I have ever used."

"I like that it doesn't feel like my skin has been stripped after using it. My skin feels refreshed. I tried another cleanser recently and I had to throw it out. Pevonia works great for my skin."

"I have used this product for a year now, and my skin keeps getting better and better."

"I very much like the Combination Skin Cleanser. The product transports me to the spa where it was first used on my skin - everyday I enjoy a few moments of heaven."

"I love this skin cleanser -- it leaves you feeling clean, but isn't too harsh for sensitive skin"

"I have combination skin and this product keeps my dry spots moist at the same time keeping the rest of may face balanced. I have been using Pevonia lotion, cleanser, and cream for several years now and I think it is great when people can't guess my age."

"I like that a just a little bit of the skin cleanser can do the job. It is not necessary to have a handful to feel clean; just a few squirts and the job is done. If you feel you need more, go ahead, but it's not needed."

"The cleanser is great for combination and acne skin. It's great at removing makeup, even stubborn eye makeup."

"My skin is oily on the t-zone, and dry on my cheeks. I think this does a good job at balancing my whole face. Smells great. I haven't broken out on my forehead since I started using this."

"My esthetician recommended Pevonia a few years ago, and I've been using it ever since. Before, I had tried many different products from famous manufacturers, but Pevonia worked the best, especially for my combination skin. "

"A really lovely fresh scent and a gentle cleanser that does the job with just a few drops (I use 4). "

"My experience with Pevonia has always been favorable. My previous esthetician used their products to help correct my geriatric acne that had appeared on my skin from stress. I wanted to buy a cleanser that controlled the oil yet did not dry out the areas that are not oily. Pevonia combo skin cleanser did not disappoint."

"Love the softness, I love this stuff. It never dries my skin out. It keeps my skin feeling clean and fresh, even after a full day. Wish I discovered this years ago."

"This is a great product. It is gentle on your skin. It feels so good while you are applying it because it is so creamy. The scent is neutral which is really great. When I use this product regularly I can see a big difference in my skin in terms of clarity and no breakouts."

"This cleanser is gentle and refreshing on the face. This is the only facial cleanser I use, it's a wonderful product."

"This cleanser has truly saved my skin! I have been using it for two years and love it!"

"It's kind of a hand / body lotion consistency, not milky or runny, and each pump just gives you a pea-size, so I had to pump 5 times. But 1 teaspoon of this cleans just as well as 3 teaspoons of other cleanser. It's a bit sticky, has a significant orange-citrus smell (which is good), but is very gentle to the skin, very water-soluble and cleans off very well which is good for normal, combination and light acne/oily skin. I had no breakout from this like I had from some so-called water-soluble cleansers before. But overall it's a good product with quality ingredients and lasts a long while, so the price is very reasonable!!!"

"Pevonia products have completely changed my skin. I found Pevonia at a salon after getting a facial and the line has truly improved my skin. This cleanser is very gentle and I have found it best to use in the morning. It is not going to be a foaming cleanser that will take off a lot of makeup, it is very gentle."

"I really like the Combination-Fundamental Skin Cleanser because it is light and creamy and always leaves my skin feeling freshly cleaned. I have noticed a difference in my dry areas, they are completely gone! And my skin's oily areas are balanced out. My skin is glowing!!"

"After trying most products on the market, I have finally found the best. The skin cleanser, toner and balance skin cream were used during my facial and I was instantly hooked. I bought the trial size at first which is the three products in a travel size pouch and have returned to purchase the full size and will return again and again. It is really amazing."

"I like the feel of the cleanser on my skin. It is gentle, unscented and keeps my skin beautiful."